Do You Need Snow Guards?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to metal roofing. Read the FAQ below to decide if snow guards are right for your Matterhorn® Metal Roof. We currently stock Sno Gem brand clear polycarbonate (plastic) Snow Guards for use with all four profiles of our Matterhorn Metal Roofing line.


Why is rooftop snow retention important?

Snow often accumulates on a sloped roof. When temperatures go above freezing, the snow accumulation melts. Without snow guards, the result can be dangerous as the built up snow and ice slides and falls to the ground, and that extraordinarily heavy amount of snow could fall onto a person. The weight of the snow can also easily damage the building as well as the adjoining landscape. Sno Gem Snow Guards reduce the dangers associated with rooftop snow.

How do snow guards work?

Once snow is on a roof, heat generated through the roof or from rising exterior temperature melts the snow. The melting process often creates a thin layer of water between the snow and the roof. The water forms a slippery path that the snow and ice follow down, often in one large chunk. Properly placed and attached, Sno Gem snow guards will reduce the potential for cascading snow. Instead of falling off in an avalanche, the snow and ice often drops off in small amounts or melts completely. Also, Sno Gem Snow Guards can help to more evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice on a roof.

What Rooftop pattern will my snow guard placement follow?

The correct choice and snow guard placement of the Sno Gems is critical. When you are planning your installation, Sno Gem representatives will work with you to design the most efficient system.

What type of SNO GEM snow guards do I need?

In the case of Matterhorn metal roofing Sno Gem has determined the right snow guards for slate, shake, tile and standing seam. Slate and shake profiles can use the Junior Polycarbonate or steel Half Carat with tab. Tile can use the Junior Polycarbonate or the Original metal with tab. The standing seam can use the Junior Polycarbonate or the 2” iClad clamp to seam bar/fence snow retention system.

Can SNO GEM guards match the color of my roof?

Sno Gem Snow Guards can be manufactured in standard metal roof colors. We also offer an unlimited amount of custom colors to meet architectural requirements.

Read our full product bulletin on our Matterhorn Snow Guards here.

We stock two Sno Gem brand clear snow guards:

Original Clear Poly Snow Guard

Used for Standing Seam only.

Junior Clear Poly Snow Guard

Used for Shake, Slate and Tile only.